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4/12/14 PKRA

World Formula Medium
1. Micah Hendricks

2. Curtis Ruth

3. Jim McKinney

World Formula Masters

1. Rich Cordova
2. Bernie Lacotta

3. Chris Stress

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2014 Surfer's classic



32 Drivers showed up in the World Formula class for the 2nd annual "SURFER'S CLASSIC" at PKRA.  It was evident from the beginning that the competition would be fierce, with big names like Hernandez, Crosby and Lacotta all near the bottom of the qualifying charts.  Less then a second seperated 5th thru 17th.  One again Curtis Ruth proved a win in the World Formula goes through him by sitting on the pole with a time of 52.082.  Chris Rhein, Micah Hendricks, Bryan Quattrocchi and Sean Conyers rounded out the top 5 in Qualifying.

In heat 1 it was Chris Rhein rising to the top edging Micah Hendricks by .117 and Ruth by .347 in the World Formula Medium Class.  Rich Cordova paced the WF Masters class with Eric Vanderford in tow 5.9 seconds back.

Beating Ruth in a heat race is one thing but would anyone be able to do it in the main?  The Innovative Karting founder has a knack in making the right adjustments to keep himself up front.  22 drivers took the grid for the WF Medium main and it proved to be everything it was hyped up to be.  Micah Hendricks set the fastest time of the day with a 52.056 in Lap 15, Ruth the same lap bested his qualifying effort with a 52.067.  At the checkers only .250 seperated the top 3 with Micah Hendricks doing what few have done and beating Ruth for the win.  It was Ruth 2nd followed by Jim McKinney in 3rd.  Chris Rhein and Bryan Quattrocchi rounded out the top 5.

 In the World Formula Masters Class Rich Cordova was the class of the field winning by over 25 seconds over 2nd place Bernie Lacotta.  Chris Stress finished 3rd, Marc Pape and Eric Vanderford rouned out the top 5 in the Masters.




AZ Kart Werx, Innovative Karting, and Surfers Kart Parts have got together to put up $600 and other quality prizes (to be announced soon) available to all racers that use a Briggs LO206 or World Formula engine at the PKRA Summer Season races. 

​Every time you enter a race you earn another chance for a prize to be awarded in a drawing at season end. Entrants can win multiple prizes. Race 10 races, get 10 entries in drawing. You are automatically entered in drawing when you enter a race. Be sure to enter the race with your proper name, no aliases. All you have to do is race (at PKRA). Kick off the season in style and race for special trophies at the Surfer's Classic 2014 on April 12. Special trophies to top three in both WF classes. We expect record entries!

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Photo By Terry Hernlund